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L.M. Clark Customs Broker

L. M. Clark Customs Broker Ltd. is one of cpNet’s largest clients and cpNet is L. M. Clark’s most important technological partner. cpNet is responsible for all of L. M. Clark’s computers, networks and in house servers at all of their locations.

L. M. Clark central servers are hosted and maintained by cpNet at cpNet’s Datacenters. cpNet is responsible for the operation and backup of L. M. Clark’s main application servers which run all of L. M. Clark’s internal operations, billing and management.

cpNet is in the process of developing L. M. Clark’s, next generation, CDI (Client Data Interchange) where clients can control all aspects of their relationship with L. M. Clark including: shipments, customs, billing, invoicing and tracking. cpNet developed and maintains a Web application (PARS) that allows drivers to receive shipment information before arriving at customs.

  • Web Site Development
  • Emails
  • Hosting
  • Onsite IT Services
  • Offsite backups
  • Programming
  • Servers Co-location
  • Applications development


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